Retirement Resources


These are some of my favorite books and other resources that I have used to plan for retirement financially and psychologically:

Here is my take on the process:

  • Financial
    • Figure out what you spend over a year and make it really accurate.
    • Model what inflation will do to your expenses over time and split expenses into ones that are affected and those that are not.
    • Get 25x your annual expenses (or close to it) in overall assets in liquid assets.
    • Get 1 year of expenses in highly liquid assets making at least 5%. I used bonds ( and treasury).
    • Build a dividend cushion of 2x your annual expenses in order to live off of payments instead of selling principal during down markets.
  • Psychological
    • Read as many books as you can about this.
    • Talk to as many people that have done this successfully.
    • Start investing in your community, friendships, and hobbies outside of work, well before you quit your job.
    • Spend a lot of time on the mat working through any fears or anxieties.
    • Shore up your weak spots with backup plans. Your backup plan should have a backup plan.



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