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Here is an amazing pep talk that I came across on Muse. The author is Emily Fletcher:

Hi friends, this is a little pep talk for you.

So here is what I know for sure. You are meant for greatness.

You have clearly worked very hard to be standing where you are right now or chances are you wouldn’t even have the opportunity you are facing.

I know that when life gives us big opportunities, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by anxiety, what-ifs, and panic.

It makes sense, you want to do well. You care a ton about what you do.

So, instead of pushing the nerves away, what if you gave yourself full permission to be exactly where you are.

Simply notice where your body is talking to you right now.

Now ask, what would it feel like if you accepted every sensationyour body is happening right now as exactly as what it meant.

If your heart is racing, let it race. If your hands are jittery, let them be jittery.

This is simply your body trying to protect you.

It thinks there may be a saber-tooth tiger around the corner and it is trying to protect you.

So gently remind your body that you are not currently in a life threatening situation.

As a matter of fact, you are currently stepping into your greatness.

You are currently stepping into your destiny.

And you deserve to be here.

I want you to take a moment to congratulate yourself on the lifetime of amazingness that you have engaged in that have brought you to this moment.

I want you to congratulate yourself for feeling the fear and doling it anyway. I want you to celebrate how far you have already come.

We can’t build on top of successes we don’t acknowledge, so take a moment to think of three things that you have brought you to this opportunity.

You are allowed to be proud of yourself. You can even give yourself an internal high five.

Here’s the thing…Your desires are divinely inspired. Nature put them there so inside are the tools to make them manifest.

Your job is not to control every aspect of this performance because control is an illusion.

Say that again – Control is an illusion.

So what if instead of trying to controlt he situation, what if you give yourself permission to trust. your lifetime of experience?

What if you choose to trust your lifetime of work?

What if you give yourself permission to bravely and generously share your gifts with the world?

What would happen if you commit 100%, leave it all on the field?

Wouldn’t it be more fun?

There is no such thing as a perfect performance, perfecxtion is a prison.

The only thing we can guarantee is that this will not go according to plan.

And that’s ok, When things don’t go according to plan, that is an opportunity to get present, be a human, and create in the moment.

There is such thing as a perfect performance, there is only committing and not committing.

I want you to beleive that you are enough. Generously share your talents, your knowledge, and your self with everyone you interact with and commit 100%.

After all, this isn’t about you, this is about nature using you as a vessel .

Picture yourself as an antenna, picking up whatever inspiration is intended for you.

This allows you to take the pressure off yourself make it about the people you are interacting with. And about you being a vessel for nature and creativity to use you.

Doesn’t that sound more fun?

Don’t you already know how to help people?

Don’t you know in your heart of hearts that you are here for a reason?

How good do you think this can get?

How much fun do you want to have?

How can you impact someone else’s life with this performance.

Aren’t you ready? Don’t you know it? Haven’t you been ready for a long time?

What if you give yourself permission to succeed?

Now, from this place, I want you to take a moment to picutre the best case scenario.

What experience to you want to happen?

What do you want it to feel like>

What experience do you want the people in the room to have?

How will it feel afterwards when you rock it out?

See if you can run with how it will feel when you share 100% of the gifts that you have.

Take that feeling into the room.

After all, it is not about you, so go have some fun, change some lives. You deserve it and so do they!



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