Welcome to Be Well Mind! My name is Eric Reiners and I am a peak performance coach who can help you create more joy, meaning, and impact in your life using neuroscience-backed techniques.

I use coaching modalities with proven efficacy and neuroscience-backed techniques for building great habits, achieving more flow, and having more impact. I have been a hacker, researcher, and explorer most of my life. When I was nineteen, I started building my own light and sound machines to help others with super learning. That experience lead to a lifetime of learning how the brain works and researching new ways to increase joy, performance, and insight. I have used yoga, meditation, and neuroscience-backed techniques to mitigate stress, improve performance, and create more joy while leading teams in cybersecurity and technology at the highest level. I transitioned from my CIO role at a public cybersecurity company to help others improve their lives with practical habits. I am a graduate of the High Flow Coaching program from the Flow Research Collective and will graduate with a Masters of Applied Neuroscience from King’s College London in early 2024. If you work in volatile, ambiguous, complex, and uncertain environments, and need help with stress, balance, performance or meaning, I know how you feel and can help. My sweet spot is helping you unblock your blockers to let biology take over, using practical and proven techniques. You will be amazed at what is possible in your life using these techniques!


Eric Reiners is a former executive of a public cybersecurity company who is now a coach and advisor helping others achieve more joy, meaning, and impact in their lives. Eric and his partner, Kerri Eich, have been experimenting with the concept of “Being Well” through a variety of personal and community investments. Kerri created Be Well Gardens to connect families to wellness through nutrition. A few years ago they created the Be Well Retreat which is to connect families to wellness through nature. Here are some of Eric’s qualifications:


  • Proven experience coaching and developing senior business and technical leaders to their potential.
  • Proven experience helping teams get into group flow for more productivity, joy, and innovation.
  • Experience as a senior executive (CIO) for a high-growth public cybersecurity company.
  • Advisor to technology startups, specifically in the AI space.
  • Expert at using entrainment, neuro-feedback, and other technologies for improving performance.
  • In progress for Masters of Applied Neuroscience from King’s College, London, graduating in early 2024.
  • Certified Zero to Dangerous from Flow Research Collective, 2022.
  • Certified High Flow Coach from Flow Research Collective, 2023.
  • Certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, 1999.
  • B.S. in Applied Physics from University of Northern Iowa, 1994

“I was dragging into Thursday exhausted and would spend all day Saturday trying to emotionally recover. After three weeks of coaching from Eric on active recovery and stress management, I now get my best sleep on these nights and I wake up refreshed for my time off on weekends. I also have my calendars under control and am better able to feel more centered at work.”

Emmett Frauenkron

“Eric has such a magical way of building respect, honesty, and trust through his leadership. It’s been such a genuine pleasure to work with Eric and I’m so excited that he is able to take his talent and passions towards helping others become the greatest version of themselves – no one better to do it!”

Anna Chang

“Eric is one of those leaders who really practices what he preaches. He leads with humility, empathy, and candor. You can expect him to be very curious about problems and performance issues with his analysis to be thoughtful, data backed, and focused on your success. Eric is passionate about how we learn, how we grow, how we enter that space of creative flow to excel in our role. If you want someone laser focused on improving performance, Eric and his team are up for the job!”

Derek Heintz

Sr. Director, Infrastructure and Operations

“Eric’s presence in a room is motivating and moving. He is an exceptional leader, an enthusiast and above all a humble person.”

Kashif Mohammed

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